Join the Club

If you’ve read our Membership FAQ and would like to visit us and have a “taster” sail in a stable boat, or simply to find out more about the club, please email Sara Bennett.

We offer a one-month temporary membership, and you are welcome to sail on this basis a few times before any commitment is made.

Annual subscriptions and joining fees for each class of membership are shown below. The first subscription is payable on application for membership. Annual subscriptions are due on 1 April in each year. Members who join after summer has ended (1 October) only pay for the remaining half-a-year.


£82 / year 

(£41 / 6 mo)

Additional Family Member

£50 / year

(£25 / 6 mo)

Family Group

£144 / year

(£72 / 6 mo)


£50 / year

(£25 / 6 mo)

Social (Non-Sailing)

£34 / year

(£17 / 6 mo)

Boat Storage for sailing members

£56 / year 

(£27 / 6 mo)